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If you want to draw an attention to a particular part of your face, or your eyes in particular, you must create a simple design on the surrounding area, which will enhance the fancy detail that you want to turn into the start of the night. Today I will show you how to bring the light on the eyelashes. It is not enough just to put faux lashes, it is highly important to make a matching, non-fancy background, which mean that we will start the decoration with a lid makeup design that will help the lashes pop out in a gorgeous way. Take a look at the steps and follow them strictly if you want to get the same look:

  • You will have to apply just a little bit of makeup on the lids, but this doesn’t mean that you can skip the primer. Of course, you shouldn’t do that – apply the primer as usual and don’t hesitate about it.

  • Then, enhance the outer corner of the eye with black eyeshadow, but before that stick a patch under the eye in order to protect the under eye area from staining by the mascara and shadows. It will help to create a sharp winged effect of the makeup at the outer corner of the eye as well.

  • Apply nude-colored shimmer on the lid and merge it together with the black V-shape.

  • Then, draw a cat-eye liner with black, liquid color.

  • Finally, stick the faux lashes and apply another coat of eyeliner above the faux lashes in order to hide the glue and to merge it difference between the fake lashes and the lid.

  • Remove the patch and enhance the bottom lash line with black color and mascara as well.

  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the nude-colored shimmer.

  • Don’t forget to enhance the brows as well.

  • Done!

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