Read Your Lips and You Will Find What Your Personality is Like

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Some people say that our destiny is written on our bodies. That is why, for example, fortune tellers can look at someone’s palm and tell them what their future will be like. Other people can read a person’s face or posture and find out what their personality is like before they even had a long conversation with that person. And they can do this only by looking at that person’s face.

Do you want to have the same super power? The ability to know if a person is good or bad, if you can count on them or not, if they are a friend or foe? If the answer is “yes”, then this article is the one for you. And the first part of the body that we are going to look at is the lips. You can start first by looking at your own lips and finding out if the description is true for you, and to practice before you start reading other people’s lips. So, here are the different kinds of lip shapes and what they say about a person’s character.

Lip Type #1 Wrinkles

You have probably noticed that there are lips with a lot or wrinkles on them. They are visible when the person even has not pursed their lips, and let’s just not mention how many wrinkles there are when they purse their lips. This does not mean that their skin is old, or dry, but if you have naturally a lot of wrinkles on your lips, then it means you are a serious person. Of course, you can be funny from time to time, but when it comes to the important things in your life, you are extremely serious.

You are also very likable person. People want to be friends with you, because they can feel that they can trust you. And that is why they share with you some of their deepest secrets. When you were at school (or if you still are), you were probably one of the cool kids, everybody wanted to be friends with, and to look like. And if this was not the case, then they probably did not know what they were missing, because you are one of the best friends there could be. And you can do everything for the sake of others.

Lip Type #2 Small and Round Lips

This type of lips is again not when you purse them, but when you are relaxed. If you naturally have such type of lips, then you can be described with one word – determination. When you want to do something, it does not matter whether it is about your job, your studies, or your personal life. You are mentally strong. You know how to differentiate your personal life from your professional one. You avoid falling in love with a colleague, and you search for a partner, who does not have the same job as you. People sometimes think that you are too quiet, and a bit introvert, because you do not share personal information.

Lip Type #3 Keeping mouth open

There are such people, who unconsciously keep their mouth open, even when they are doing nothing. This person has a vivid imagination. They are very cheerful, and have a lot of friends. There are also very sensitive. If somebody offends them, they could easily start crying. And they can easily start laughing if they see or hear something funny. A lot of these people are very artistic. They would rather work at home, or in a studio, than spending 7-8 hours a day in an office. The space is just too small for them.

Lip Type #4 Gummy Smile
As the very name of this lip type suggests, when these people smile, it is inevitable to hide their lips. It is just that their smile does not allow them to hide their gums, which could be very cute. And this kind of smile reflex their owner’s personality. Extremely open people, who say what they think. They hate being lied to and that is why they do not do it as well. They are too idealistic, believe that everybody is practically good. And that is why they often get hurt, but they will do not lose this part of their personality.

Lip Type #5 Protruding Lips

These lips are probably the one type that all the women would love to have. They are quite sexual and attractive. As far as their personality is concerned, these people are very emotional. They are extremely energetic. They cannot stay in one place without doing anything. They are extremely lovable people and express their feelings freely. They are often led by their emotions, and they rarely decide what to do using their head, which sometimes could be a disadvantage, because they take decisions too quickly, and sometimes regret taking them later.


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