Reasons Why Female Friendships are Better than Love Relationships

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Nowadays there is an unwritten rule about one’s priorities in life. People who have children are supposed to put them in first place in their life. People who have a partner and no children yet are supposed to put them in first place. And then the rest of their family, their career and finally their friends.

People are not very likely to put friendships first when it comes to priorities. But are not there times when a person could count on their friends more than on their partner, for example. Friends will be there for you when you break up with your partner. And in fact, there are more reliable in many ways.

Now we are going to show you in which ways your friends could be more reliable and simply better than boyfriends.

#1 You can gossip with them

Why would you have a girlfriend if you would not gossip with her?! Even if many women do not admit it, they like gossiping, especially when they gossip about other women. And they do this with their girlfriends, of course. A woman could not gossip about other women with her partner because men in general do not like it as much as women do. So, yes, friends are better than men when it comes to discussing other people.

#2 You can swap clothes

I personally would say that it is better to swap clothes with one’s mother or sister, but women also swap clothes with their girlfriends and more often shoes. One can surely not do this with their partner, at least not to go out with such clothes and shoes in public. This way women can wear clothes which they really like without having to buy them.

#3 You can talk with them about your partner

When it comes to comparing friends to partners, there is one thing at which friends will always be better than boyfriends and husbands – women can discuss their love relationships with them.

Friends can give advices, they can share their personal experience about the situation and can calm their friends down. Sometimes it is better to discuss the subject with your partner, but other times some girl talk is needed.

#4 You can go shopping with them

If a woman has to choose a person to go shopping with, then the best choice would definitely be a friend, or more than one. It is well known that men do not like shopping. They get bored easily and constantly complain about having to spend so much time in shops.

Well, girls love shopping and they can always accompany you when you need to buy some clothes, shoes, or whatever. So, yes, friends are much better when it comes to shopping.

#5 They will not break up with you

Real friends will never break up with you no matter what. Unfortunately, this does not go for partners. A relationship could break as quickly as it has started, but a real friendship will never do. Your friends know your best and worst features and like you for who you are.

They do not care if you have gained weight, if you have new clothes, or have great job, because they like you for who you are. They do not care about your looks but about your personality. And even if you annoy them sometimes, they will always love you. So, yes, friendships are much better and more reliable than men in this aspect.

#6 You can talk with them for hours

One of the things that friends are best at is talking with a person, listening to their problem and giving advices. Sometimes one can even talk with their friends about stupid and insignificant things and feel great about it. One of the best features of friends is that one can spend hours talking with them without getting bored.

And sometimes one can even spend time with their friends not talking to each other and still have great time. Some people even say that one can tell whether a friendship is a real one when they spend time with their friends no talking to each other and feel perfectly comfortable about it.

#7 They know all your secrets

Boyfriends come and go while real friends stay forever. They are the ones that know all your secrets, all your dark features, and all your love relationship stories. There are definitely some stories about one’s past which they should not share with their partners if they do not want to feel awkward or break up with them. So, it is no wonder why friends are better than partners at knowing your secrets without judging you.

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