Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl That Reads

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  1. She is easily entertained and can spend time on her own

Going to the mall with her will be only to spend hours in the bookstore. Nothing more. Stooping at those street side book stalls is also something she loves. She won’t be bothered is she has to wait for you if she has a book in her hand. Long flight? Don’t worry! She has her own entertainment, you have nothing to worry about. You can just doze off. She can never be bored, because she always has a book with her and once she opens it, nothing else matters. You can deal with your shit, without being worried about her.

  1. She can teach you things

People who love to read, gather millions of bits of information. And it is not thing you hear on the news. They just know random facts you would never believe someone can remember and be interested in. Well, guess what? That is kind of fun. She also can play loads of games with words and quizes. Forget about loosing on a pub quiz, because once you are on a team with her she will rock it. And don’t worry about it, she won’t be cocky that she will outsmart you. People that like to read don’t like to put it in your face.

  1. Do you need to buy her a gift?

There is nothing better than just always knowing what to gift someone with. You can ALWAYS give her a book. And don’t worry, she don’t get tired of receiving only books (well you can occasionally add a flower or a box of chocolates). At the end of the day every book is a different world for her, so she will love it. Just be sure to know what she has read, so that you don’t repeat. And a great idea is to find a signed first edition of her favorite book.

  1. She has many interests

Don’t think that the girl that read is only about books. She is one of those people who love galleries, theaters, events that have music and cultural experiences. She will always find something she likes to attend or be engaged in. And she will make those things interesting for you too. Isn’t that a benefit?

  1. She has an impeccable memory for details

When you read you just develop this kind of imagination and memory for small things. Not only she will remember the color of your eyes or fave shirt, but she will remember every small detail you tell her. And she will impress you, because of all she remembers. And also she is way more creative. It will be easier for her to write essays, stories and to tell you stories actually. There won’t be a moment of boredom for you when she tells you something in detail, because it will be interesting.

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