Red Carpet Blow Out Hairstyle

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Let me show you how to look good with a simple, but very effective hairstyle. And when I say “good”, I mean a-red-carpet-like-good meaning. Let me show you how to create the perfect blow-out effect. It is beautiful, natural-looking and very feminine&sexy – the perfect hairstyle for a romantic occasion, like the Valentine’s day. So, let’s check out the steps together, I think that you will be able to create the hairstyle all by yourself, but if you have some doubts, you can ask someone to do it for you at the beginning, and then continue all by yourself. Take a look at the steps and make a decision about the procedure – will you search for help or you will not:

  • So, this technique requires wet hair, completely wet hair, which means that you can do it after you took a bath, or, you will have to dampen the hair with a spray.

  • You will need a big barrel round brush with thin bristles. It will be better if the barrel of the brush is metal or ceramic, because it will contribute to the curls by shaping the hair at the very beginning of the procedure.

  • Blow-dry the hair by lifting the strands up and rolling them around the barrel of the brush.

  • Then, curl the hair with a large barrel curling iron, but before that, apply stylizing mousse and thermal protector on the hair.

  • When you are done curling a certain strand, don’t let it fall over, roll it again and pin it to the head with a hair pin.

  • Continue with this routine until you roll the whole hair.

  • Let the hair cool down completely.

  • Then remove the hair pins and brush the hair softly to merge the curls and to create the wanted waves. Now you look like a true celebrity. Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas and hacks!

red carpet blow out hairstyle

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