Romantic Dinner Recipes for a Date Night

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Even though some people say that romance is dead and that people do not do romantic gestures for their partner, this is not totally true. There are still people who are romantic and in love enough to show their partner how they feel in some sweet and romantic way.

If you also feel that romance is not dead, you could actually invite your partner for a romantic dinner and cook for them. To help you in this task, we have prepared for you a couple of recipes for a special romantic dinner. Check them out!

Lobster Dinner for Two

Ingredients for the main course:

2 lobster tails

3 tablespoons of melted butter

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon of chopped parsley

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper


Step 1

First you need to get the lobster tails and to cut vertically the top part of its shell. Then using your hands you will be able to peel it off and to take the inside part of the lobster, the edible meat, out. It should be somewhat orange. Put it on top of the lobster shell.

Then again using just your hands, peel the orange skin of the lobster. Do not remove the whole of it, though, just make sure the top part of the edible lobster tail is peeled, it needs to be white, and the bottom part of it should be with the orange skin on.

Step 2

Now leave the lobster tails aside while you prepare the sauce for them. Get a bowl and pour in it the tablespoons of melted butter. Then add the salt and the black pepper and stir them a little.

After that you need to add the garlic powder, the paprika and the chopped parsley. Stir the mixture a little more and finally add the lemon juice. Stir the mixture well once again and it would be ready.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to put the lobster peeled lobster tails on top of the lobster tail shells in a baking tin. Then using a cooking brush apply some of the melted butter mixture on top of the lobster tail meat. Make sure you cover the white part of the meat with the sauce.

Then put the tin in the oven and bake the dish for 15 minutes at 2300 C. When the time is up, take the tin out of the oven. You can serve each lobster tail in a plate garnished with a green lettuce leaf and a piece of lemon.

Ingredients for the side dish Garlic & Cheese bites:

1 loaf of baguette

1 stick of softened butter

4 cloves of garlic

1/3 cup of Parmesan
1/3 cup of cheddar

1/3 cup of monterey jack

1/3 cup of chopped green onions


Now you need to prepare the side dish of the main course. It is very easy to be made and it will not take you too much time. At the same time it will be a great side dish to the lobster tails.

Step 1

Get the softened butter and put it in a bowl. Chop the garlic cloves very thinly and add them into the bowl as well. Then put the Parmesan, the cheddar and the monterey jack into the same bowl.

Mix them a little bit and after that add the green onions which you should have chopped beforehand. Stir all the mixture well until it becomes a homogeneous one and it would be ready.

Step 2

Now get the baguette and cut it in half horizontally as if you are going to make a sandwich. Then spread the whole softened butter mixture on the two halves of the baguette.

Step 3

When you are ready with this, you need to get a baking tin and to lay some baking paper on it. Put the baguette halves on the tin and bake them for 15 minutes at 2000 C.

Step 4

When the time is up, take the tin out of the oven. Let the baguettes cool down just a little bit and then cut them into vertical pieces. They need to be a couple of bites big. You could cut each baguette into 8-10 pieces.

You can serve them in a separate plate keeping them in the same initial baguette-shape. Or you could arrange them in some other way. It is up to you. And the main course and the side dish for your romantic dinner would be ready! Enjoy!

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