Romantic Getaway Destinations to Visit in the Summer

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Summer is often said to be the season of parties and busy nightlife but this does not mean it cannot be a romantic one as well. In fact, the warm weather heats up one’s passions and people are often in a mood to fall in love and be with somebody special.

And since we love both summer and love, we decided to prepare for you a list of romantic getaway destinations you can visit this summer especially if you are in love and want to celebrate this feeling. So, here they are!

#1 Tuscany, Italy

There is just no way not to start with the country that is considered to be one of the most romantic ones in the world – Italy. Venice and Verona are two of its famous cities which are some of the most romantic ones in the world. Venice is popular with its romantic gondola river tours and Verona is the home place of Romeo and Juliet.

Another part of Italy which is also considered to be an extremely romantic one is Tuscany. There are a lot of romantic books and movies set in Tuscany with such love stories that makes a person want to go there and experience all of this.

Tuscany is nature is extremely beautiful, especially in the summer when the weather could be a little bit too hot, but the nature is green and inviting.

If you decide to spend some time in Tuscany with your partner in the summer, you should not miss to visit some of its popular vineyards and wineries. You can taste some delicious Italian wine and some of its very famous types of cheese and after that you could have a romantic walk around in the beautiful Tuscany nature. It could be the dream vacation for all of you love lovers.

#2 Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbeans and this is no surprise since the nature there is amazing and the temperatures are high. The beaches you could visit there are perfect for some romantic experience.

But spending all day at the beach is not the only thing you could do with your partner in Jamaica. You could also go on a tour to visit the inside part of the country with its amazing forests. There you could see some of the country’s very beautiful waterfalls.

Apart from this tour, you could also get to know the animals in Jamaica. There are some tourists activities with the local, and the not-so-local, species, like riding a horse on the beach, taking s picture with a big parrot on one’s shoulder and swimming with dolphins. The place is amazing and a couple could really enjoy their time together there.

#3 Chassignolles, France

People know that France is a popular romantic destination, especially if one refers to Paris which is also known as the City of Love. This time we decided not to list this obvious destination, which is romantic as well, and which is also better to be seen in the spring rather than the summer.

There is a village that is hidden in France’s largest national park Livradois-Forez. It is called Chassignolles and it is located 100 miles southwest of Lyons. It is a cozy village in the heart of France where you can get to know a part of the French rural culture.

You can spend your days relaxing, having a croissant and an aromatic cup of coffee with your partner. You can also have long walks in the nature and around the stone-made houses in the village.

There is not much of activity going on in the village but the summer is still the most active period of all. And besides, you will go there to relax and enjoy your time with your partner.

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