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Every girl has its craze about different parts of the outfit. Some adore accessories, some have handbag mania, but some others (like me) can’t get rid of the obsessive desire of buying shoes 24/7. And when you have such a strong desire of owning and wearing shoes you’ll definitely need some tips for recovering them from scuffs or cleaning them, or stretching them and every other type of shoe problems – in three words: you need help! I’m glad to help you out with these problems. Take a look at the following (extremely clever) tricks for recovering some problems about your shoes:

Remove water stains from your precious leather shoes by rubbing the stain with a soft toothbrush dipped in vinegar. This trick will also work from stains created by snow or salt.
When your gorgeous patent leather shoes are covered with scuffs from the wild party the night before, you feel extremely sad about it, but the depression can be easily vanished, just like the petroleum jelly make the scuffs vanish from the leather. Use a cotton swab and rub gently until the scuff is gone.
Apply your moisturizer to the scratched or dull leather shoes in order to restore the condition of the material. Apply the moisturizer to a soft towel and rub with it the shoe. They will look restored and fresh, ready to be worn again.
But enough with the leather recovering. Sometimes you need to put a sneaker on, especially when you are hitting the gym, and when you come back the sneakers are all wet from the intense workout (I mean your sweat) and they smell kind of funny. Don’t worry. Pour some baking soda in the sneakers and it will absorb the sweat and remove the smell.

You know how sometimes the high-heeled patent leather shoes lose their natural glow, right? Well, there is one easy way to bring the glow back. Rub them with a soft towel, on which you should spritz a little bit of glass cleaner. It will work great, I assure you!
A great trick for cleaning suede shoes is to rub the stains with a simple pencil eraser. Just make sure that the shoes are all dry. Then gently rub the material with the rubber and see how the stains are fading out.
A stretching trick. We often make mistakes by buying shoes which are not fully comfortable, but we adore the way they look at the feet and the way they match that gorgeous dress that you want to wear for the next party. Don’t even think of not wearing them because they are too tight. Just stretch them in the freezer. Put in the shoes plastic bags full of water, just enough to fit the shoe and then put the bags in the shoes. Leave them in the freezer over the night. But don’t do that on expensive shoes because it might damage them if not done right. Another harmless (for the shoes) trick is to wear the shoes and warm them with the hair dryer, make sure that you have two layers of socks on your feet. Warm the leather, walk around until it cools down and then warm again.
Take care of your shoes and they will gather compliments for you every time you wear them!

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