Signs Showing that You Have Been Single Way Too Long

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Every woman has her periods of being single and we could say that there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it could even be healthy for a woman to give herself a break from all the men and love relationships in her life.

However, sometimes this period could be so long that one may start wondering if it is not way too long. If you are wondering if your single period is like the above-mentioned long ones, then check whether they are such signs pointing to this.

#1 Your family has stopped asking you whether you have a boyfriend

We all know that our relatives can be annoying in their effort to do you good. Single girls usually have to face a number of questions about their personal life and, of course, a number of critics about the fact that they are still single.

If even your relatives have stopped asking you whether you have a boyfriend or not, then it is time to really ask yourself whether you have prolonged this single period way too much.

#2 You only go out with your girlfriends

Another sing showing that your single period may be way too long is that the only time you go out to have fun is with your girlfriends. This, of course, does not mean that there should not be ladies nights in your monthly routine, but it is surely a sing that you forgot what it is like to go out on a date. This may also be a sing that there are no men around you and thus no chances of having a boyfriend some time soon.

#3 You are thinking of getting a cat (or you already did this)

One of the obvious signs that you may feel lonely is the desire to get an animal to take care of. Of course, the animals that have always been linked to single ladies, especially spinsters, are cats. So, if you are thinking of getting one, then you are probably feeling lonely. Try to find yourself a boyfriend as well.

#4 You hate Sundays

Usually Sunday is the day of the week when couples do something together. And single ladies have to face the fact that they have to spend their day-off alone, or in the company of their cat. Well, if you have started hating Sundays, then you probably feel lonely as well and you do not know what to do with your free time once you have slept enough hours. If you have gotten tired of your boring sleepy Sunday routine, then your single period may turning out to be a really prolonged one.

#5 You do not care what kind of underwear you put on

Another sign that you have been single for too long is that you do not care what kind of underwear you put on. In fact, you probably prefer to wear comfortable kind of underwear and not a sexy kind of one. Underwear is usually shown only to one’s partner and it is hidden from the looks of the people around them. If you have stopped buying underwear and you even do not care if it is not a good one, then… Well, make think about it.

#6 Your friends have stopped trying to find you a boyfriend

We all know how annoying it could be when some friend tries to arrange a date for you and some “really nice guy from work”. Usually if one agrees with this, the guy turns out to be not the right type for them.

However annoying this may be, there is one thing more annoying than it – when your friends have stopped trying to arrange dates for you. This could mean that even they have lost hope you will find yourself a boyfriend soon.

#7 You are thinking about getting back together with your ex

One of the signs that you are scared of ending up as an old maid, or that you are desperate for some male attention, is that you are thinking of getting back together with your ex. Remember that whatever period of your life you age going through, you should not think about the past, let alone think about it coming back to your life.

This means that once you have broken up with a guy, it has to be for good. Of course, there are exceptions every time, but just because you are feeling insecure and alone does not mean that you should be with men you do not feel anything for anymore.

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