Signs Showing that Your Relationship Will Not Last Long

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When it comes to relationships, people always have doubts, even if they are small and insignificant ones. And love relationships are the one that people have doubts about the most. Nowadays it is hard to find the perfect partner  for oneself.

Some people, for example, decide that they have found the one until something happens and the relationship is ruined. And then they ask themselves why they have not seen this coming and whether there was anything to show them the disastrous end of their relationship.

The good news is that there are such signs which show whether a love relationship will not last long. And today we are going to show them to you. Check them out and be aware!

#1 You try to change one another

One of the first signs showing that there is no future for a relationship is when the couple tries to change one another. If the boy does not like the fact that the girl works too much, or the girl does not like some of the boy’s friends, and they both try to change these things, then this is definitely a sign that these people are not meant to be.

There will always be things that people will not like about their partners, but if these things are too many and they try to change them completely, well, would it be really worth it? If you are in such a relationship, then it is best to ask yourself why you are with this person and whether you should continue be together.

#2 Even the most insignificant and minor things annoy you

It is normal that certain things about one’s partner would annoy them, but if these things are way too many and even the most insignificant things annoy them, then this is definitely a sign showing that this relationship will not last long. In this number are included gestures, habits, even some things this person says.

All these things could be minor ones but if a person get really annoyed by them then the case is much more serious than it looks. These are simply signs showing that these people will not be in a healthy and strong relationship, but they are simply torturing themselves.

#3 You quarrel all the time

There are couples who start quarreling with the very opening of their eyes in the morning. The quarrel could be an insignificant problem, like one of them left the toilet seat up, or that they made coffee only for themselves and not for their partner.

Relationship in which quarrels are much more frequent than the pleasant time spent together, then is there any point in staying together with this person? If you are in such a relationship, you are more likely to torture yourselves by staying together rather than breaking up.

#4 You feel time spent together with your partner is an obligation

The next sign which shows people are not in a healthy relationship but simply a habit is when a person starts thinking of the time spent together with their partner as an obligation.

If a person is in a relationship which makes them feel there are doing what they should, or they are obliged to do it, then this relationship is no longer one which is based on love, but rather on other reasons, like obligation or habit. So, ask yourselves whether it is worth it.

#5 You are thinking of your exes

Another sign showing that a relationship will not last very long is when one of the partners, or both of them, start thinking of other men and women more often. In this number their exes are included as well.

If this is an accidental case, there is nothing to worry about, but when it turns into something that a person does every day, then it is time to consider the future of this relationship, if there is such at all.

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