Signs That You Should Marry Him

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We spend our whole live looking for someone special, someone who we will love, create a family with and, eventually, die. Nowadays, it‘s getting harder and harder to find to perfect guy to marry and that‘s why go through so many different relationships until we find The one.

But how to be sure that the man we love loves us back? How to be sure that he‘s the right guy for us ? Well, we can‘t – that‘s life. But there are several signs that we can look for which will help us decide is he is the one we should spend our life with. You don‘t know them? Well, read below.

The first sign that he‘s the guy you should marry is that he shares the same values like you. Having the same hobbies isn‘t that important anymore – you should share the values and thoughts on life in order to be able to live happily and peacefully together. If you are a family girl, who wants 3 children and a small house outside the city, you won‘t be able to get this with a guy that lives for the nightlife and thinks marriage is for old people.

You should look for a guy that doesn‘t think you should change in any way. There are many men out there that constantly try to make their women change and you should definitely stay away from them. He fell in love in you as a person and he should be able to spend the rest of his life with the same person.

A guy that shows his love, who is proud of you and takes care of you is, of course, one you should marry. If your man talks about you to all of his friends and does little things to make you happy (like buying you a flower without occasion or preparing you a breakfast in bed), why shouldn‘t you become his wife? Search for a person with a good heart, who‘s honest, loving and appreciative and your marriage will be strong and happy.

Another sign that you should marry him is that you make (and fulfill) future plans together. Many men are afraid of making plans with women because at some point they start feeling imprisoned and they run away. If you make plans to buy a car, house or even a pet, then you are most likely to end up marrying. You can test your man by making little plans – like where to go on vacation next season or whether or not you should buy a pet together. If he‘s being a part of the planning, then you found your guy. If he keeps distance from it, maybe you should reconsider your future together.

Don‘t forget that the most important thing is to be in a relationship that makes you happy and loved. If you find a man that makes you feel like a princess, stay with him till the end and make him as happy as he makes you!

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