Simple Trick for Double Eyelid

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Some eye shapes don’t have a crease on the lids. Single lids are eyelids that don’t have a crease above the lash line. Double lids do. That lack of crease makes the eyes look smaller and the makeup doesn’t look so great when applied to the eyes. This tutorial will show you a simple trick for double eyelid using lid silicone strips. They are basically clear strips used to create the illusion of a crease or “double eyelid” so eyes appear rounder and larger.

Step 1: Take the plastic, tiny handles and pull gently apart until the sticky strip appears. Based on the curve and length of your eye, you need to cut out a thin strip accordingly. Make sure the tape is slightly shorter than the length of your eye so it does not stick out on both ends.

Step 2: Stick it to the centre of the lid and adjust in a curvy, just follow the line of the eye. Look into the mirror and figure out where your natural crease is.

Step 3: Then use a scissors and carefully cut the strip and very carefully remove the plastic handles.

Step 4: Now you have perfectly normal eyelid with a crease and it is ready to apply your makeup.

Apply shimmery eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. Blend it very nicely along the crease line. This step will lift your eye makeup and help provide a stronger definition to your eyes. Eyeliner along your upper lash line is a must as it will help hide the tape and make your eyes look bigger. As a final step, apply black mascara on your lashes. For the top lashes, look straight forward in the mirror, take the wand, place it at the base of your lash line and use back-and-forth motions to distribute the color. When it comes to the bottom lashes, switch to a waterproof formula as it works best on lower lashes, preventing the color from smudging.

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