Simple Trick to Highlight Your Red Lipstick

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If you know how to apply lipstick perfectly, then you are ready to have everything under your control. If not – just follow our lead and you’ll get there! We do agree that makeup is not complete without lipstick, be it neutral or vibrant. But even the best shade can be ruined by an amateur application. In fact, there is a simple trick we are sharing with you today on how to highlight your red lipstick and make your lips totally irresistible!

Before you begin, here is what you need for this tutorial: your favourite red lipstick, non-creamy lip gloss, lip brush and black lip pencil.

Step 1: Apply red lipstick all over your lips. You can apply the lipstick directly from the tube, or you can use a lipstick brush for more precision. After, recoat your lipstick again to achieve a long-lasting, intense color. The finish of the lipstick is entirely up to you, but if you have dry skin you may want to use moisturized lipstick or consider matte finish if your skin is oily.

Step 2: Grab a black lip liner or pencil and fill in the edges of your lips. You should darken the edges very well so that they are covered with black entirely.

Step 3: Now grab your small makeup lip brush and gently start blending the black pencil towards the centre of your lips. Continue smudging until there are no visible black spots on your lips.

Step 4: Apply red lipstick all over your lips one more time.

Step 5: To achieve the glamorous red lips look, use a high-color gloss with non-creamy finish coverage, ultra-pigmented formula which lays down all the color you crave in one coat. Now you have highlighted red lipstick look! Pout, pout and your gorgeous lips are ready to conquer the world!

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