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I want you to know well your facial features, otherwise you are increasing the chances of making makeup mistakes, which will lead to bad look. We don’t want to look bad, do we? Of course, we do not.

If your facial features are well analyzed, then you will have the knowledge to make the right decisions about your makeup, hairstyle and jewelry, because all these depend on the type and the specific features of your face.

Let’s take as an example the smoky makeup design. Usually, it is forbidden for small and narrow eyes, but there is a way to adjust this makeup design according to the shape and the size of the eyes. All you have to do is to switch the colors.

The classic Smoky makeup design is made with black or dark gray eyeshadows, but if you choose brighter colors and skip the black eyeliner, you will notice how different your eyes will look, while you are wearing the smoky makeup design. And here is the alternative way with different colors as I suggested before, check it out:

  • As always I will ask you to prepare your eyebrows. Every time you apply foundation or (and) powder to your skin, you are obligated to apply color to your brows, because the coverage products easily make the brows disappear from the whole picture. Shape the brows and fill them in with the proper color, which must depend on the color of your hair.
  • The next step requires a liquid lid primer. Apply to the lids in order to prevent any smudging and gathering at the crease. Wait a few minutes for the primer to be absorbed into the skin.
  • Then apply black kohl at the top lash line. Make a thick line by tracing the whole length of the lash line. Spread that color all over the lids with blending brush.
  • Then apply the blue shadow.
  • Above the blue shadow, apply blurred line of white or silver shimmer. Use the exact same shimmer to highlight the inner corner of the eye.
  • Trace the bottom waterline with nude pencil. This trick will make the eye look wide open and bigger.
  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara. Skip the black eyeliner.


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