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We all know which is the most classic makeup design – the smoky one. And not every smoky design is so classical, the black one is the King. I bet that all of you know how to do it, but it is always a great idea to get inspired by every tutorial that pops up in front of your eyes. Every smoky design has its unique detail. For instance, the following smoky makeup design is unique because of the graphic eyeliner it contains. If you are curious about the final result, you should follow these steps:

  • The first two steps of every makeup tutorial has nothing to do with the main design, because they are focused on the preparation of the eyes and the area around for the makeup application. The first on is the preparation of the lids with primer.

  • The second one is the filling and shaping of the eyebrows. You must always start with the brows in order to prevent any of the brow color to fall on the lid and ruin the whole masterpiece. And if the makeup is already applied and if some of the brow color falls onto the while part of the makeup, you will be forced to erase everything and reapply the whole makeup again. That’s why the application of the brow color must happen before the application of the lid makeup.

  • Cover the whole eye and under eye area with light matte eyeshadow.

  • Then contour the eye with black liner as it is shown in the second picture.

  • Smudge it outwards.

  • Cover the empty gap at the lid with light gray color.

  • Now, draw the graphic eyeliner. Start with a pointy wing at the inner corner of the eye and finish it with a long, winged flick at the outer corner of the eye.

  • Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

  • Done!

smoky black makeup

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