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We often spend hours mesmerised by our favourite Instagram makeup artists or beauty bloggers and wonder how they achieved such a breathtaking final result. We are especially envious of their sultry eye shadow looks, particularly those that use the smoky eye technique to their advantage. Though we completely covet their perfectly blended lids, we must admit: attempting the look is intimidating.

The key to flawless eye makeup starts with applying primer on your skin. Choose the right shade of primer for your skin type and apply it to your eyelid.

Use a black eye pencil to apply the colour across your crease line. Do not focus on this part being perfect as you will smudge the line later on. Gently smudge the black line with a fluffy pencil brush or with your fingertips using a circular motion. Messiness isn’t an issue here, but make sure you blend the colour nicely so there are no harsh lines or edges.

Add a generous amount of the black eyeshadow across your crease and on the outer edge of your eye. Use the fluffy brush again to blend the color nicely. This will make the whole smoky eye effect deeper, more dramatic and intense.

If you wish to create a dramatic smoky eye look, apply a thick layer of kajal eye pencil on the lower rim of your eye and blend it gently with a smudging brush. Messiness isn’t an issue here, but do make sure the liner gradually gets thinner as you finish it off at the end.

Apply grey glittery shadow inside the black lines you just created. Use a black eye pencil to outline your lower lash line. Press the shadow onto the lower smudged liner and blend it nicely.

Grab your black liquid eyeliner and apply it above your upper lash line, creating beautiful wing at the end. Place your pinkie finger against your cheek to ensure additional stability and control.

Finish off your look with several coats of your long-lasting mascara. To give the illusion of super long lashes, place the wand deep into the base of the lashes and wiggle it back and forth as many times as necessary.

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