Soft Look for Hazel Eyes

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Hazel eyes are gorgeous. There is no way you can’t stare at them. They are gorgeous and captivating. And especially If they have a bolder greenish hue. I am sure in your mind there is already a picture of someone with the most gorgeous hazel eyes if that is not you. And as amazingly beautiful as those eyes are they must be defined in order to look even better.

Depending on eye color and skin tone different things look good and bring out the eyes. The hazel eyes look good in many shades. But goldish is one of the best options. A mauve pink also can bring up your beautiful eyes, but it doesn’t flatter every skin color. Plum though does and it is one of your best bets, the same applies for violet and gray.

So here is an idea for you that incorporates a few of those flattering colors for the hazel eyes!

  1. Start out by applying a primer to the lid.

  2. Grab an eyeshadow that is a brownish color but with a plum hue in it. This is a warm hue and it will look good. Apply it with a brush to the inner corner of the eyes.

  3. Continue on by applying the same eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye. Reach the crease, but leave the center of the lid eyeshadow-free.

  4. In that middle that you left bare apply a gold eyeshadow. But it shouldn’t be something shimmering and over the top. Blend everything on the lid well with a clean brush.

  5. With a small brush close to the bottom lashline apply of the first brownish-plum color.

  6. Continue with some nudeish eyeshadow. With a fluffier brush apply it over the crease towards the eyebrow.

  7. Blend that in with the rest of the makeup.

  8. Finish of with a few coats of mascara on the upper and bottom lashes!

Soft Look for Hazel Eyes

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