Spring Cleaning of the Closet

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Spring is the time to clean out our lives from the winter clutter and that applies to our wardrobe too. It is time to put away your winter clothes and put on display everything that is aimed for spring and summer. Spring and summer clothes give us a feeling of fun and warmth, so that is good for us, not only for the sake of cleaning up.

So instead of wondering what to wear this spring and what to do with all those heavy winter clothes, set a day that you will do you clean up. Get over yourself and really do it.

  • Set your mood Start by setting your mood into a clean up one. Although this might not be the most enjoyable activity for many people, it is something that must be done at some point or another. So make it fun for yourself. Find a music playlist that makes you move and dance. Drink a coffee right before you do it or a glass of wine and just start.
  • Use questions So while decluttering your space ask yourself the most important question when it comes to clothes – have I worn this in the last year (or if it is something seasonal in the last applying season for example summer). IF you have not – toss it, or prepare to donate it or give it to a friend. Of course, if there is a reason not to have worn it, like not fitting, but now it fits – get it back on the rack.
  • Fashion show? Well, not literally. But your friends could help you quite a bit when deciding what should stay and what should go. Have them over at your place. Grab some drinks and play some music (as I mentioned it goes well with cleaning up). And then start trying on all of the clothes you can’t decide about (or all of your clothes). Together it will be easier to do the job. You could make some paper tags with ‘Yey’ and ‘Ney’ and your friends can hold them up for every item – this will make the process way more fun (remember a particular Sex and the City scene?).
  • Find YOUR organization So not every way to organize your closet is the way you would feel good about. So you should find an organization that you like – actually love. If you don’t like they way your closet feels when it is totally organized then you are not doing any justice for yourself. You can go to IKEA or Target to gather some ideas or get some organization accessories. Once you love your closet, everything will be easier for you.
  • The hanger trick Have you heard of the hanger trick? Many people have tried it now and it works. Try to clean out everything you don’t think you will wear, but then continue with this trick. Hang all of you hangers in one direction. Once you wear a piece, hang it back, but this time put the hanger in the opposite direction. This way you will know what you have worn. This can help you with two things – not to repeat outfits often and also to see what you are totally not wearing. Once you figure it out, toss those items too.

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