Spring Colors for 2015

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Finally! My favorite range of colors has arrived and I hope it will stay longer – the pastel and nature-like neutrals. These colors remind me of flowers, nature and tropical landscapes. This will perfectly match the warm seasons like Spring and Summer. Let’s see the palette that Pantone presented as the trendiest colors for Spring 2015:

  • You can make the transition from the Marsala and Burgundy colors with the help of the Aquamarine blue. It is soft, light and dreamy, reminds of me of a foggy, warm sky. Match it with Glacier Gray, Strawberry Ice and Marsala.

  • Scuba blue is the new turquoise color. It is a cold color, but somehow it brings warmth and sunny mood, maybe because it looks like those Greek beaches I’ve been last year. It’s best buddy is the Lucite Green color. Also mind that this color won’t look great on any shade of skin complexion.

  • Another color, which will  be a perfect bridge between the Winter and  the spring is the Lucite Green one. It is soft and of course, pastel shade. This color is so delicate that it looks almost transparent. Match it with Classic Blue, Marsala and Scuba Blue shades.

  • Classic Blue is  your safe haven, you won’t make a mistake if you rely on your classical denim pants. It is strong and reliable color, trust it.

  • I feel that the Toasted Almond will become my favorite color, because it is absolutely neutral and it will match my sun touched skin after my summer vacation.

  • Strawberry ice. It sounds chilly, but the color is actually warm and feminine.

  • Tangerine. This is one of the few bright colors this season. Almost orange, but a little bit foggy.

  • Custard. That’s the pastel shade of the mustard – brave choice for your casual outfit.

  • The Marsala is still in the game. Yes, it is contrasting, but that’s how you won’t blend in.

  • Glacier Gray. When you want to impress with stylish look go for the Glacier Gray.

  • Dusk Blue. Match it with the Strawberry ice and you will create the perfect look of a strong and independent woman, who is also gentle and innocent – heart-melting combination.

  • Treetop green. And we mentioned the nature-like colors – the Treetop green is exactly like this. Match it with the Glacier gray and the Dusk Blue.

  • Woodbine. This color will be  your best friend when you go on your summer vacation, because it is the most tropical color for me. Imagine the landscape of an island and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

  • The Sandstone color is also neutral, but with more intense feeling. Simple and stylish, a perfect base for colorful accessories. Match it with Marsala and Classic blue.

  • Titanium. Strong and solid color, which is recommended for men. Now you know what to give to the birthday of your boyfriend.

  • Lavender herb. This color is foggy and pastel too, but somehow it manages to pop out among the other shades. You can match it with a lot of other colors or wear it as your main accent of your look.

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