Spring Manicure Ideas to Try This Year

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Spring is the season when people experiment with their style. The warmer spring weather stimulates people and makes them feel better and more energized. This is also another reason to celebrate life and to feel good in your own skin.

One of the many ways to do so is to have a fresh spring manicure perfect for the weather and the season. That is why today we have prepared for you some manicure ideas you can try on your own. And they can bring you some positive and good spring mood. So, check them out!

#1 Hearts, hearts

The first of the manicure ideas we are going to share with you is called “hearts, hearts” and it is one of the main trends for this year. When it comes to drawing a heart, people are used to drawing the whole heart in the center of the paper/nail/etc.

This time you can try some new heart manicure idea. You can have all of your finger nails with hearts, but instead of drawing a single heart on each of the nails, you can use your nails as canvas and have a heart pattern on your nails.

In other words, you should not draw a whole heart on a nail, but draw different parts of it. Where your nail ends, the heart will also end and this way the whole heart will not be on the nail. This way you will create an interesting pattern all over your hand nails and it will be more interesting than the usual heart manicures.

#2 50/50

The next spring idea is called in such way (50-50) for two reasons. The first reason is that involves fresh spring colors and a new interesting manicure trend. The second reason for its name is that the main manicure pattern is divided into two equal parts – moons and tip.

Last year moon manicure was very popular – women had nails with polished nail moons and this was the main accent of the whole manicure. Well, this year nail moons will not be one of the main manicure trends, but they will not be forgotten. This manicure idea will be based half on the moons and half on the nail tips.

You need to have a nude base and to choose two vibrant colors for the moons and the tips. We have chosen purple and pink. Basically, you need to apply nail polish on each of your nail moons and nail tips, but to change the nail polish colors.

On your thumb nail you can apply purple polish on the tip and pink polish on the moon. On the index finger you need to change the colors and to apply pink on the nail tip and purple on the nail moon. Continue this way with the rest of the nails. You can use different nail polish colors as well.

#3 Green glam

The next idea is inspired by the green nature of spring. And that is why the main focus of the manicure will be on the green color. What is good about this manicure idea is that it is very easy and even people who are not that much used to applying polish on their nails regularly. What you will need is some green nail polish, white nail polish, and green glitter nail polish.

First you need to apply white nail polish on your nails, apart from your ring finger nails. Then apply the green nail polish on the ring finger nails and let the polish dry. When this is ready, you can move on to the next step of the nail polish application. You need to get the green glitter and to apply it on the nail tips of each of the nails apart from the ring finger ones, since the color will not stand out. After that you only need to let it dry and enjoy your new manicure!

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