Suitable Places to Visit in the Second Half of October

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October may not be considered to be the best month for traveling but in fact there are plenty destinations around the world with a nice weather during October, so this thus makes it a nice month to do so indeed. There are places with plenty of sun where one could go sunbathing or have nice walks around the place, or going sightseeing.

To show you that October is a great month to go on vacation, we have decided to make a list with suitable places to visit this month, especially during the second half of it. So pack your bags and get ready because we are setting off! Here are the places in our list!

#1 New York, USA

New York may not be the best place to visit during the summer since it is hot, there are few people and the whole atmosphere is not at its best, but fall is surely a better time of the year to visit the city. You could enjoy all the autumn colors of Central Park. You can feed the ducks there, have a cup of nice coffee and stroll around all the iconic New York Places, like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.

There is also an Open House Weekend in mid-October when all the citizens and guests of the city have the opportunity to enter some of the top buildings in New York. And let’s just not mention how big of an opportunity to meet plenty of people this is. And if you have missed it, you can still enjoy your time in New York waiting for some of the greatest Halloween celebrations in the USA.

#2 Dubai

During the last few years Dubai has turned into a place visited by many tourists. And some of the reasons for this are the great architecture, the warm weather, and the exotic culture. If you are wondering for a suitable time to visit Dubai, then October is one you could try.

There are not that many tourists there at this time of the year, especially compared to spring and summer, and at the same time the weather is great. You could actually have a second summer vacation. You could go to the beach, go for a swim, try some water sports, like waterskiing, or why not hit the golf course? There is an activity for all ages and preferences.

#3 Hong Kong

Here is another destination that is very popular among tourists – Hong Kong. The second half of October is a great time to visit the place because the temperatures are high and at the same time the humidity is low. And we all know what this means, right – going to the beach! At this time of the year you could have a great suntan in Hong Kong.

Apart from that you should not miss the opportunity to see some of the famous sights and landmarks there. Such ones are all the museums, like Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of History, or the Museum of Coastal Defense. There are a lot of religious temples and Buddha statues which are also interesting places to visit there. And, of course, do not miss to try some of the local food.

#4 Barcelona, Spain

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Europe during October but if you are looking for a warmer type of weather where you could get some suntan or simply enjoy the sunny weather, then South Europe is a great place to be. You could actually visit Barcelona, one of the most famous Spanish cities, at this time of the year and you will not regret the experience.

During the second half of the month the weather is warm but not too much which makes the place perfect for vacations. You could enjoy the interesting architecture of the city together with all of its landmarks and symbols, like the mosaic park.

Apart from that, visiting the city at this time of the year gives you a great opportunity to take part in some of the festivals that are going to take place. There are some film and music festivals, like the Erotic Film Festival and the International Jazz Festival.

#5 Mauritius

Last in our list, but certainly not least, is the beautiful island Mauritius which is located in East Africa. If you are really looking for some exotic and hot place to spend some beach holiday, then this island is definitely one to consider.

The nature there is amazing. There is an endless deep blue ocean, palm trees, golden sand beaches, exotic culture and great tropic weather perfect for this time of the year. There are a lot of activities which you could try on the island, some of which are even free. The service there is also said to be a great one.

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