Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks

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Summer is finally here and a lot of people are happy to enjoy their time at the beach, or by the pools. Even if this season was so much waited for by a lot of people, this does not mean that there are no disadvantages connected to it. Let’s take for example the high temperatures and the amount of sweat which can easily pour down from one’s body.

Today we are going to focus on a particular part of a woman’s daily routine and the problem connected to it which she may face in the summer. And this is makeup. Today we are going to give you some tips and tricks about applying makeup in the summer which hopefully will appeal to you are will be in your service. So, check them out!

#1 Forget about foundation

Summer is definitely not the season when people should wear foundation because it is way too hot. And the extra amount of some substance on one’s face makes it even harder to bear the high temperatures. Foundation clogs the pores and this way the sweat will remain in a way trapped on your face and you will feel even hotter this way.

That is why it is better not to apply foundation in the summer. If you want to hide some so-called flaws, you may use a concealer with some powder instead. This way you will substitute the foundation and at the same time you will add some natural and finished look to your face.

#2 Apply setting powder regularly

The next thing which you need to have in mind in the summer when it comes to makeup is to keep a setting powder close. Setting powder in general is very helpful with one’s makeup, but it becomes even more helpful in the summer. As we all know, people sweat a lot in the summer and one’s face could get pretty oily as well.

When you apply makeup on, you could not forget to apply powder. It will help your makeup stay in place and not get smudged. And if you have a long day at the office and you want your makeup to last longer, then you could keep the powder with you and to apply it from time to time to get rid of this annoying greasiness in the summer. The powder will also make your face matte and at the same time natural.

#3 Stick to bright colors

If you are wondering what kind of eyeshadow and lipstick to wear in the summer, then the answer is simple – stick to bright colors, like pink lipsticks and nude eyeshadows. You can try other colors as well, like yellow and green eyeshadows. Summer is a sunny and colorful season and that is why it is better to stick to such kind of colors instead of the dark ones women wear in the winter.

It is a good idea to forget about matte lipsticks this season, especially if you take into consideration the fact that matte lips are not a top trend this year as a whole. It is better to choose pink glitters to make your lips shine and to give them some extra color.

#4 Pink cheekbones

If you are wondering in what other way to add some color to your face, then you definitely should consider applying some pink blush on your cheekbones. Pink hue blushes are one of the top makeup trends this year and they are a nice completion to your summer makeup. There are different pink and peachy hues and this way you can choose the one that suits your skin complexion.

#5 Waterproof mascara

One of the top makeup products you should not forget about neither in the summer, nor in the other seasons is mascara. This is basically the makeup product that is a must in every occasion. In the summer it is better to stick to waterproof mascara because of the hot and sweaty days you are going to face.

If you do not want to apply waterproof mascara, then you can apply a regular one but before that you could sprinkle some baby powder on your lashes. This way you will help the mascara not smudge and you will make your lashes look more voluminous.

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