Sunglasses trends in the winter

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Who says that just because it is winter we should not wear sunglasses? They do not only protect us from the sun but from the cold as well. And since the winter is such a grim season why not make it a little colorful and fun. This year’s sunglasses trends are just like that – bold and ultra-stunning. If you can’t wait to learn what are this season’s trends, here they are:

Oversized sunglasses
If you are a fan of the oversized sunglasses, you will be glad to hear that they are in fashion this season. They are great for protection from the cold and are very stylish. People wearing oversized sunglasses are thought to be more mysterious since it appears that they hide something behind the glasses. This can help you catch the attention of a guy you like since mysterious girls are very interesting to men.

This is probably not your first association with winter sunglasses but let’s be honest ever since the movie Top Gun(1986) people went crazy about them and they are popular even today, 29 years later. Well, this is mainly because designers such as Gucci include them in their collections this winter. But there is no doubt that they are very sexy accessories.

Cat-eye sunglasses
All the cat-lovers will be glad to hear that cat-eye sunglasses are back with a lot of diverse shades and design solutions. And since this season big cats stripes and dots are not in fashion, this type of sunglasses is a little relief for women wearing them. These women can easily be connected to cats – sexy, seductive, a little vengeful but very creasing at the same time.

Ombre sunglasses
After taking over the hair and makeup world it turns out that the ombre effect also took over the sunglasses industry. Now you can buy sunglasses that go from dark to light. This effect is achieved by a special technique. And will definitely match your ombre nail polish or ombre dress.

Sunglasses with graphic forms
This type of sunglasses includes all the triangular, square, oval and round forms. If you are not a fan of the traditional sunglasses, this is for you. When you add to the interesting shape some alternatives in the shades these sunglasses are even more chic and stylish.

Sunglasses with massive plastic frames
This season sunglasses are big and not only big in size, just one part of them can be big and in this case we speak about massive frames. If you want to be stylish this season combine metal and plastic elements. You can wear sunglasses with large plastic frames and small metal decorations on the temples.

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