Super Easy Braided Updo

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Step 1: Before you start, section your hair in two halves by separating the crown section with hair clippers. Begin by crimping on the hair below the occipital bone for added volume. Leave the top layers straight for a sleeker look. Wait for a couple of minutes before releasing the hair section. Remember that texture will not form if you try to crimp your hair with the iron before it reaches the correct temperature. Repeat the process with the next bottom section of your hair.

Step 2: Release the upper section of your hair. Pick up a little hair from the front, and a little bit from behind and below the ear.

Step 3: Then, divide it into 3 strands and braid a regular braid directed towards the back.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side by creating another three strand French braid. Merge the two braids together in the back with a clear rubber band.

Step 5: Divide the rest of the hair into three equal sections and braid three regular 3 strand braids. Pull the edges of the braids as much as you can to make them bigger.

Step 6: Fold each braid upwards and tuck the ends behind the tie back.

Step 7: Next up, pin the braids in place with enough bobby pins to keep them secured as a bun.

Step 8: If you need to, you can further pull on the edges of the braids to make everything look even fuller and hide any holes.

If you have bangs or shorter layers, you can either leave them hanging loosely or clip them in place using a bobby pin. For a softer look, pull a few face framing pieces out so that your hairstyle has a softer, more elegant look. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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