Super Easy Messy Bun in 5 Simple Steps

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Who says making the perfect messy bun is impossible? This tutorial is here to prove that it takes only 5 simple steps to the ideal messy look!

For this tutorial, you will need a clear rubber band, a brush and a hairspray. It is optional if you want to add a hair accessory to your messy bun.

Step 1: Brush through the hair to remove any tangles then part the hair so you can have all of your hair secured into a high ponytail at the back. Use a clear rubber band for this hairstyle as it is easier to hide in finished styles.

Step 2: Gently loosen some hair pieces to add volume to your ponytail.

Step 3: Use your fingers to divide your pony into two equal parts. Hold the two parts with your hands and cross them over each other. Once you do that, twist each part counter clockwise around itself. Make sure you keep the twists tight as you twirl them. Do not forget to hold the strands tightly so they don’t unravel.

Step 4: While holding your twist with one hand, use the other hand to gently loosen the hair pieces and make the ponytail with more added volume.

Step 5: Now, carefully wrap the twist around and coil it into a messy bun. When you are satisfied with the final result, add pins on the sides to make the messy bun more stable. If you want to achieve more casual look, pull out some loose strands in front of your face. The only thing left is to add a quick blast of hairspray and your lovely messy bun is ready! You may wish to place a nice hair accessory to give your hair a more elegant look. Remember to use the right makeup and clothing to achieve maximum effect

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