Super Foods For Healthy & Shiny Hair

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You are a beautiful woman, but have you ever wondered why your skin, nails and hair don’t look so great all the time? If such thoughts had crossed your mind, you should stick with me and check out what I’m going to share with you.

If you want to keep your beauty for long, long time, you’ll have to follow a healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t include only applying creams and masks on your face. You will have to change your whole attitude to your daily routine, because the beauty comes when you take care of it from the inside out, which means – good food, strong and beautiful body. 

Down below you will find 8 super foods that will help you give back the strength and shine of your hair. I’ll explain exactly how the ingredients in the foods are working as nourishments for the hair. Take a look:

  • Proteins are great for the hair. For instance, if your hair is getting bald, you’ll have to add some more proteins in our diet in order to tighten the follicles of the scalp skin, which will hold the hairs right in place. The most common foods that are rich in proteins are chicken meat and eggs. If the products have high quality of nourishing properties, they will promote the produce of keratin, which will keep the hair strong. The proteins also promote faster growth of the hair.
  • The best quality of the oats is not that it is a great weight-losing food, but it is also great for the heart, health, but its minerals keeps the natural color of the hair brighter and shinier. These minerals are: phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.
  • The third group of foods that are great for the hair are bean sprouts, green and red peppers. These foods are rich in silica, which is well known as the Hair Saver, because it prevents hair loss. The body uses the silica to absorb vitamins and minerals, which is a great activity when you want to keep your beautiful look forever.
  • These are my favorite ones – dried fruits and raw nuts. They are rich in sulfur, iron and biotin, also the vitamin E, which improves the blood circulation to the scalp and the inostiol, which cares about the healthy hair roots. Sometimes the hair loss is due to the absence of zinc in the body, and the walnuts, almonds and cashew are full of zinc.
  • Fruits – they are always great for all kinds of beauty treatments, you will never make a mistake if you grab an apple as your afternoon snack.
  • Green veggies are great sources of calcium and iron, and moreover of the vitamins A and C, which produce sebum. The sebum is a fat, produced by the hair follicles and works as a natural conditioner for the hair.
  • The next super food is rich in zinc also, like the nuts  – fish.  But another great benefit of the fish is that it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for the whole body and skin, not only for the scalp. So, make sure that the fish is in your weekly menu at least four times.
  • The last one is not exactly food, but it is the elixir of life – water. If you drink enough water – at least 8 glasses per day, the body will transport the minerals and vitamins from the super foods all over the body, which includes the scalp and the hair as well. And also, the good hydration will give you shiny and healthy hair.

Your job now is to create a week menu list with meals that include all these super foods for strong and beautiful hair. Enjoy!

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