Tame Your Bangs

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Some girls have extremely wild hairs. Sometimes it is great to have messy hair with natural wavy texture, but when you have to work on a desk, over some kind of craft work or cooking, or whatever, your wild hair can make you crazy and nervous. In order to prevent such an unpleasant state of mind and body, you should learn how to tame your hair in order to stay away while you deal with activities that requires full concentration, not concerned by tickling hair, poking your nose, or a falling curl in front of your eyes.

I will show you how to get rid of this distracting feeling that your hair is all over your face. Take a look at the steps and let’s tame this bangs together. Just follow my lead and go through all the steps one by one. Here we go:

  • Separate a thick section of the bangs, shaped into a triangle shape. The best way to define this section is to place your index fingers at the temporal areas of the forehead and move them through the hair, to the center of the part, where you should meet them. That’s the needed section.

  • Then, make a one-side fishbone braid out of that section. Don’t braid the whole length of the tail.

  • Secure the braid with thin elastic hair band.

  • Pin the braid behind the ear and hide the bobby pin and the hair band with a strand of hair.

  • All done! Your bangs is secured and off your forehead and off your eyes.

This idea for braided bangs is perfect for the moments when you want to have beautiful and practical hairstyle at the same time. Come back here to find other great ideas, tricks and tip for your appearance. You can use all the tutorials and articles as an inspiration for your personal beauty projects. Have fun!

tame your bangs

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