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Every woman wants to have better looking skin, even the women with good looking skin want to have better skin than that.

We spend millions of dollars on beauty products and still, the years pass by and it is noticeable on our skins. That’s why I prefer more natural ways as beauty procedures. For instance, drinking tea is a great way to keep your skin and glow younger. The trick is to learn exactly which teas work in such  pleasant ways  to your skin. Down below you will find a list of the well known teas that will make your skin glow into a healthy condition:

  • Let’s start with the green tea. This type of tea is great in so many ways. First of all, it is full of antioxidants that work as cell damage dealers. Then comes the fact that the act of drinking tea may help reduce the risk of skin cancer, but this doesn’t allow you to stop using an SPF cream as a daily protector from the sun. The antioxidants are great in other way too – because of them, the green tea can decrease inflammation associated with aging. The polyphenols, which are contained in the green tea are anti-inflammatory and also have DNA repair capabilities, which rejuvenates the skin. In order to get the maximum out of the green tea, you can use products with green tea extract, except from drinking it in the morning. Creams, full of green tea extract will prevent premature signs of aging, which are fine lines and wrinkles. They will also hydrate the skin, which is essencial for your aging skin – the drier the skin is, the more wrinkles will start to appear.

  • The next “extract of youth” is the Yerba mate tea, which is well known just as a mate. You can meet again the antioxidants, which repairs the skin from the damage, caused by the weather or the years. You will fall in love with this tea because it contains high levels of caffeine, which makes the tea a great substitute to your morning coffee. And this is not the great property of the Yerba mate tea, the greatest quality of this tea is that it help you control your appetite, which  makes it a great bevarage for weight losing programs. Here are some of the ingredients that are contained in this wonderful tea: minerals, antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin C, manganese, pottassium and zinc. It will be a great decision to use beauty cleansing products with Yerba mate tea in them.

  • Let’s move to the next tea that works for the younger look of your skin – the chamomile tea. The most common use of the chamomile tea in the beauty skin treatments is the steam bath with chamomile for softening and opening the skin pores before blackhead removing procedure at the beauty salon. But its other uses are great too: it helps treat rashes, it relieves dry  skin and even acne. This tea is one of the most perfect products for sensitive skin. It is also a great way to reduce the morning redness of your skin.

  • The last tea that I’ll present to you is the Rooibos and it is also known as the red tea. It is caffeine-free, so you can easily drink it at the evenings. The chemical compounds in it – aspalathin and nothofagin have anti-inflammatory properties.

So, choose a tea and add it in your daily meal plan and soon you will enjoy glowing and yonger looking skin. Have fun!


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