Tell me your favorite color to tell you who you are

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RED – The red color symbolizes passion, sensuality and strength! If unmistakably you fall in love with it, then you are quite a strong and domineering person watching from nearby quite high. And not without reason, as your temperament and determination are indeed enviable. Caution: Sometimes you may be a bit reckless, both in love and in work. Although this does not happen deliberately but comes from your temperament, though you should try to be a little more sensitive.

BLUE – Reminded of the vastness of the sky and horizon – behind the clear blue standing sense of balance and harmony. And for lovers of this color, these are two very important qualities that have a major impact on nature. If you think your preferences belong to this color, then you are peaceable, rather quiet and extremely sensitive nature. And that is what makes you so preferred for a company. Caution: sometimes just a little word or action can touch your heart so it is very easy to be damaged. Therefore, you must learn to defend your gentle and emotional nature, not fray each word out of the whole context.

YELLOW – This color is bright, provides a good mood and is a true stimulant for the senses. No wonder that those who have chosen yellow as their favorite color, are widely-regarded as people prone to be creative and humorous. With such a lively temperament, you can often fall into the center of many events, even when you are not looking deliberately to be the spotlight and all the attention to fall on you. Warning: There is always someone who will envy you, because you can not cope easily with your temperament. And instead of being infected with a good mood, most likely he will accept the actions and words too literally and furiously will try to compete with you. So do not be upset by such provocative comments – take them with a smile and sense of humor.

GREEN – Energizing and soothing at the same time, this colour radiates freshness of green. No wonder that nature lovers have all shades of green in their hearts. If a favorite among all the colors is exactly green, then you most likely be a very calm, balanced and responsible being, which can be relied on in any situation. They know that your partner, family and friends – you appreciate and love them very much. Warning: You may the type of a person that is pretty curious and despite the great loyalty, which you have, sometimes you give a lot of freedom to that curiosity and turn the conversation to interrogation or investigation.

ORANGE – Delightful and warm – it is the mood that brings orange. No wonder that fans of the orange color are very popular, because through it they emit laughter and very contagious zest for life. Warning: Your unbridled enthusiasm sometimes at the expense of body and your physical condition, because it’s hard to stop when you have taken some initiative. And as in such difficult moments you realize that maybe you damage your health, you must learn to enjoy personal comfort and relaxation.

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