The Art of Shaping Your Eyebrows

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Whether you have spares brows or eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, you will agree that eyebrows matter. Your eyebrow arches are the frame that holds it all together, giving structure and balance. Chances are, you either prefer your set wild and bold or sharp and well defined. Whichever way you like to style your brows, you need to know the basics on how to do it right. Sounds simple enough, right? It is — with the right guidance. If you are in a desperate need of help in this department, then we have the perfect tutorial for you! So without further ado, we give you all the steps outlined below.

Use a small piece of Scotch tape underneath the brow. Make sure you can easy see where the end of your arch because you have to angle the Scotch tape diagonally where the arch is. Then, take your brow liner to trace a line and highlight the tail of the eyebrow.

For the most natural look, add a coloured brow powder to brows. Start by using short, light strokes that mimic the length of your eyebrow hairs. Using a pigmented powder to fill and define brows is one of the easiest ways to achieve a natural looking finish.

Remove the Scotch tape and refine the end of your brow. In the direction of hair growth, fill in the eyebrows by applying short, light strokes that mimic their length and shape. Always remember that your arch should have a natural curve and never a sharp angle.

Then, grab a sharp brown pencil to create a guideline for tweezing.

Finally, stroke through with a brow brush to blend the pencil with the natural eyebrows. You can also add a highlighter with a soft shimmer just under the arch to accentuate the shape even more. Using a Q-tip, clean up the edges of your brows and make sure none of the colour is outside your arch. Take the clear brow set and brush over your brows to seal the look.

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