The Best Beauty Tricks

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Every little girl imitates her mother. She likes to wear her high heels, to put lipstick on her and to wear her long and soft scarfs. And when that little girl happens to become a beautiful woman, all she knows about makeup and fashion is from her mother, or at least, the base was set by her mother’s knowledge and beauty habits. I want to show you some of the best makeup tricks that will show you how to organize your time properly, how to look the best possible way and how to save money, which is highly important when you are just a teenage girl and you still rely on the support of your parents. So, take a look at my ideas and if you find them helpful and informative, please share them with your friends in order to spread the good information.

  • The first tip is very basic – always apply primer to the skin before the covering product.

  • Learn how to contour your face. The contouring technique is not just a trendy makeup design, it is necessary because you will look better and more natural when it is applied properly. If you don’t want to create an effect of heavy-looking makeup, do it with concealer colors – lighter and darker for the highlighting and the contouring steps.

  • The other design that you must know how to apply is the cat-eye liner. If you are a beginner, use a hard-bristle, pointy brush to draw the design. You can even use a paper tape strip as a stencil to draw the perfect flick.

  • And, one last tip for you: keep the lips soft and smooth so you can apply dark lisptick whenever you want without worrying about the dry cuticles that will ruin the texture of the lipstick, especially if it is a matte one. You can use a homemade lip scrub to exfoliate the skin of the lips – mix in a small bowl crystal white sugar and a little bit of honey. Rub the lips with this mixture.

Have fun!

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