The Best Food and Drinks for Dieters

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Dieting can be very difficult and frustrating, especially if your diet includes food you do not enjoy. However, there are many types of food that are delicious, healthy and fit perfectly to your diet plan. Eating healthy can protect your body from serious diseases (like diabetes, heart disease and cancer), protect and smooth your skin, and help you lose weight.


Let’s start with the basics: eat calorie-controlled snacks. Sometimes you just need a hit of sugar–something to take the edge off a bad day at work or a boring night at home. Yet, one good way to get a handle on your diet is to control snacking. Eat the right amount of calories for how active you are, so that you balance the energy you consume with the energy you use. Focus on healthy, nutrient-dense foods that are naturally low in calories and rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. A great way to do that is to try a variety of meals and consume healthier snacks. Include different protein sources in your daily meal. Eat more beans, nuts, and soy products. Protein gives your body energy and reduces the risk of diseases. A lack of protein in your diet can slow body’s growth, weaken the heart, lower immunity, and reduce muscle mass. Try to eat healthy carbs and whole grains. They are digested slowly, help you feel full longer and keep blood sugar levels stable. Include a variety of whole grains in your diet, such as brown rice, barley, and whole wheat. When it comes to desserts, try to eat the diet-friendly ones. Lower-calorie and portion-controlled sweets mean that desserts can be part of any weight loss diet.


When it comes to dressing any salad or meal, forget about the salt, flavoured mustards and vinegars, mayonnaise, light salad dressings and sugar. One of the reasons why some foods are so unhealthy for you is because of the excess salt and sugar. Putting down the salt shaker and skipping sugar in your coffee is a step in the right direction. If you can’t live without salt and sugar, at least try to season your food with salt and sugar yourself so that you can control the amount. You will find that you spend less time worrying about food, and will enjoy what you are eating more too. Also, you need to know that nearly half of the salad dressings you’ll see on your grocer’s shelves are reduced in calories and fat. Although they are delicious, they are definitely not the best way to dress your meals. Instead, make your own lower-calorie dressing, using more vinegar than oil, as well as a little water. If you want to spice up any meal, you will not go wrong if you choose honey, ginger, garlic, tarragon, herbs or balsamic vinegar.


There are different drinks that have many calories and make you gain weight. Calories in drinks are not hidden (they are listed on the bottle or on the can), but many people do not realize just how unhealthy it may be for you. Rethink what you drink and try to reduce the number of calories in what you drink! One of the worst beverages rich in calories is coffee. A small cup of coffee has more than 250 calories. Frozen coffee drinks contain even many more calories and much more sugar. If drinking coffee is a necessity for you, try the black coffee since it contains fewer calories than the typical coffee drink. Although energy and protein drinks are popular body building products, there can be some disadvantages to drinking these beverages. They contain caffeine and too much, making your body put on weight quickly. Moreover, these sugary, caffeine-loaded beverages may contribute to sleep difficulties, obesity, irregular heart beat and other health problems. It is a well-known fact that every person likes soft drinks. These beverages typically contain carbonation, sugar or fructose, phosphoric acid, sodium and excess calories. Unfortunately, sodas are usually consumed as a substitute for water and other healthier fluids. It is important to avoid soft drinks since they yield many disadvantages, such as dehydration, high-sugar intake, and weight gain. If you want to have a flavoured drink, make lemonade using fresh lemons, or drink tea, or water flavoured with fresh fruit and vegetables.

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