The Best Nail Polish for Every Skin Color

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Fair Skin

Women with very light skin wear colors differently then anyone who has even a slight tan. And that is okay. I am one of those women and I used to hate my complexion. But nowadays I love it. I have found a way to embrace it and it is mine and I am proud of it.

There is something to remember about colors when you have a fair skin: search for colors that complement you skin and pop on it, rather then colors which beat with it or look exactly the same. The best options for you are pastels. They will pop enough, but won’t be too harsh for your femininity.

Red – it might not be exactly a pastel color, but is your color! Your are exactly the woman who can truly rock red nails and actually red lipstick. You will look amazing in it and you will feel sexy. Just choose a lighter popping shade. Not something dark. It is the most classic nail color ever and it suites you! How good is that?

Pink – this is a fun color. And although it is not a favorite to many women it is quite good for a fair skinned lady. Don’t choose a pink that is too sheer, because it will be lost somewhere there with your skin. Other than that any other pink is good for you – the brighter and bolder – the better.

Purple – this one is definitely the most pastel color I can think of. Lavender is romantic, feminine, summery and beautiful. And it is your nail polish color. It can be combined with many other colors and this is good.

Blue – many fair skinned ladies skip the pastel bue tones, because they feel like they make them seem colder. But this is not exactly like that. Any blue looks good on you. But in order to make them nail pop go for a navy. No matter what your undertones are, you can’t go wrong with it.


Olive Skin

Sometimes people confuse this skin color. But it is neither fair or very dark. It is like you have a natural tan all around the year. And that is amazing. Many Latinas have that skin color. And it just something like a medium skin tones.

Of course medium skin tones vary. There are more bronzy ones and more olive ones. And those two should most definitely wear different colors. Both for clothes and nails. You nails should be bolder and brighter than the shades for a fair skinned person. I think you could imagine why.

Red – here the situations with that color are different. Bold and bright reds are not the best option. You need to go for orange-based red shades. They will add up to your skin tone with out looking funny or clashing with it.

Nude – this is not a color, rather than a sensation. I love nudes. And many people actually do. First of all they are feminine and sexy. And then they are complementing any outfit. You need nudes that are quite beige and more rich.

Pink – this might not be your best friend, when talking about colors. But there is one shade of it that suites you amazingly well. It is the peachy pink. It gives you tan a good glow, without overpowering it. Your pink should be very summery and also very juicy in a way.

Purple – this should be the color you use the most considering make up and nails. The olive tone of your skin can’t be complemented better than that. Your purples though should NOT be pastel ones. You need deep colors. Your purple should have a good base. What actually works best for you is the deep grape colored shade. It is beautiful, bold and just for you!
Dark Skin

Women with dark skin look amazing. Having a tan or being naturally darker is so beautiful that I can’t believe it. You can play with colors way more than other women. Especially in the two sides of the color scheme – the neons and then the very dark colors.

No matter what you do, just be careful that is doesn’t look to fake and not real. Anything you put on your skin should work with it. Not against it. And once a color is not working you will immediately notice. And believe me so will everyone else. So avoid mistakes like that.

Nude – you can play a lot with nudes. Although your skin is dark there is a perfect nude for you. It is a nude that has a beige vase in it. It is kind of creamy. But it should be rich. If it is reach it will pop a little and it will make a good statement, without being too obvious.

Red – on darker skin any red works actually. It should only be totally covering the nail. But imagine your dark skin with a darker red nail polish. Beautiful, right?

Blue – here you should go bright! As bright as possible. If you accept yourself in brights even better. You need to find a cobalt shade that stands out. If it is bright it is yours. If you though prefer to go for a more pastel-like color, remember that it’s base should NOT be white or it will look unnatural and not really pretty.


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