The Best Places to Travel to This Fall

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A lot of people do not like the fall, because they associate it with cold weather, a lot of raining and strong winds. And of course, the summer is not coming soon, so that is another thing we can add to the list “Why we do not like fall”.

But if we stop complaining for a second we will see all the beautiful things fall can offer us. Think about all the beautiful colors you can see from the fallen leaves of the trees. The smell of hot cocoa, or the smell of a freshly made pumpkin. And let’s not mention all the nice clothes you can wear beginning with the colorful scarves and hats.

And since there are so positive things fall can offer us, we have decided to dedicate out this season’s travelling to the fall and all the nice places you can meet that have nice autumn spirit. Here they are, so pack your bags!

#1 Georgia

One of the things a lot of people think about when they think of the fall is wine and grapes. This is the season when grapes are harvested. And one of the most romantic experiences in the fall could be riding a horse through vineyards, tasting delicious kinds of grapes. And when you are tired, you can go to the local winery and have some wine testing.

And if you like the picture that we have just described, we recommend that you visit Georgia this fall. It is one of the oldest winemaking places in the world and it can offer you more than 500 different types of grapes, which means that there will be a lot of wine testing if you go there. You can start with the capital Tbilisi, but if you prefer the countryside, there are some amazing places you can visit and have great experience there.

#2 Patagonia, Chile

Have you heard of Patagonia? What are your first thoughts when you hear of this place? Most people think of the end of the world. This is the south-est point of South America, which is close to the Antarctica. So, you would probably associate it with cold weather and uninviting environment. But you will be surprised if you go there in the fall.

At this time of the year it is great to visit Patagonia, because it is not that cold as it is during the other half of the year when it is freezing.But it is not only the weather that is welcoming. You can also see amazing landscapes, plants in their natural habitat that back at home you can only read about. And my personally favorite part – the animals, including penguins. Some people think that penguins live only in the Antarctica, except from zoos, but they are part of the Patagonia’s fauna as well. So, make sure that you take some pictures of these amazingly cute creatures while you are there.

#3 Vietnam

In the summer people are looking for places they can go to, have fun, and go to the beach. And basically this is. While in the fall you can dedicate your time to more cultural activities. That is why we have prepared for you a place which is exotic and has a rich culture. This is Vietnam. After the war, this place is developing rapidly, but, of course, preserves it great culture.

It is best to visit Vietnam at this time of the year, because there are not a lot of tourists, and the weather in neither hot, nor cold. It is actually quite pleasant. And with all the vegetation that Vietnam has, this time of the ear is like a color festival. Take a boat tour with the locals, who can share a lot of interesting facts and stories with you.


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