The Chic Ballerina Bun

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You don’t need to be a prima ballerina to rock a pretty bun on top of your head. With several supplies in hand and a couple of tricks in mind, you can create your favourite chic ballerina bun in no time!

Step 1: Prep into ponytail.

For this style, gather all your hair into a high ponytail and confine it neatly in a holder or elastic band at the back of your head. You can wear this ballerina bun high up on the top of your head or down lower near the back of your neck. Once you’ve placed the ponytail, prepare it by teasing it a little at the base. To do this, simply hold the ponytail with one hand and the comb with the other. Apply firm brush strokes downward to the base. Repeat the procedure with the next small sections of hair until you are satisfied with the final result.

Step 2: Fix with pin.

Once you have put your hair in a high ponytail, flip your hair in front of your face and place a bobby pin vertically into your ponytail holder to give it a little extra lift.

Step 3: Twist and roll.

Hold the end of your ponytail with one hand and carefully twist and roll it around its base. As shown on the picture, make sure your hair is getting neatly rolled into a roundly shaped donut.

Step 4: Secure bun.

When you have twisted all your hair into a donut, tuck the ends of your ponytail beneath the bun and secure with bobby pins. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you will need to use at least five, six bobby pins to keep the bun in place. Then, you may pull out some strands of hair here and there to give it a messy appearance, or leave it neat and tidy as it is. As a final touch, apply hairspray all over your chic ballerina hairstyle and you are ready!


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