The Crown Braid Tutorial

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Here is a very common scenario: you have been invited to an upcoming party but somehow you have been reminded an hour or two before the starting hour. This means that you have just a couple of hours to find the perfect outfit and get your makeup, hairstyle and nails done. Not to worry! If you are in such a hurry, this tutorial will help you in this kind of emergency. The ever-famous braided crown hairstyle will make your whole look amazing for this upcoming event. You will find the steps very easy to follow, so let’s see what you need to do.

Step 1: Start with your hair down. Brush it nicely to remove any knots or tangles. Add a small amount of your favorite leave-in conditioner on the ends and lengths of the hair.

Step 2: After, tease the crown a little. Select what part of your hair needs more volume and hold it straight upward. Place your comb in the roots and apply firm brush strokes downward to the scalp. Use hairspray to secure the volume. Repeat the procedure with the next small sections of hair. You can add some additional hairspray all over your hairstyle to keep your volume in place longer.

Step 3: Next up, divide your hair into four relatively equal sections and secure each ponytail with a clear rubber band. Use the pictures in this tutorial to help you and guide you till the end.

Step 3: Braid each ponytail into the traditional three-strand braid. Once you’ve braided the four ponytails, stretch them out a bit to add volume and texture. Try sprinkling some volume powder on your braids to really widen them.

Step 4: Take one braid and pin it on top of your head using enough bobby pins.

Step 5: Take another braid and pin it on top, creating a continuous circle with the other braids. Continue pinning all your braids in place in a circle and tuck any loose ends underneath.


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