The Easiest and Fastest Way To Shape Your Brows

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Having gorgeous looking eyebrows may seem effortless for some women who had a good teacher to teach them a couple of tips for their brow shape. But for the rest of us, who were not that lucky with their first “brow” teacher, it is still not too late to change the things. I had a lot of difficulties finding my best brow shape once they were destroyed by a cosmetologist who did not know what to do. And that it when I learned this very useful tip of shaping my brows. Now I want to share it with you, especially if you ever had any problems like mine.

You will need: a brow pencil that is close to your natural color, and a highlighter.

Step 1

Make sure that before you begin you have waxed so that the small hairs do not get in your way when you start applying the highlighter.

Step 2

Find where you brows should begin. This may easily be done by placing a pen from your nostrils to your eyebrows in a straight line. Where the pencil touches the bros, they should begin there. Mark it with the brow pencil.

Step 3

Now find where your brows should end. Again using the brow pencil draw a line following the lowest line of your brows (look at the first picture). There should be no hairs under it, that is why in the 1st step it was mentioned that you have to wax first.

Step 4

Now line the upper part of your brows again following your natural brow line. If there are some hairs above it, you can either pluck them or cut them with brow scissors. A lot of women make their brows shorter by cutting the hairs a little, it is a very famous technique.

Step 5

When the frames of your brows are ready, fill them in with the same brow pencil. They may look fine now, but there is another important thing to do – highlighting.

Step 6

Using a small brush, apply the highlighter all around your brows, being careful not to go over them. Blend it a little so that the highlighter does not stick out like a sore thumb.

And you are ready!


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