The Festival Bohemian Gypsy Style

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the festival season! With Coachella just around the corner, and music festivals happening all through the summer, music festivals are the perfect time to experiment with hairstyles that wouldn’t necessarily function in the real world. Lucky for you, this season’s hottest hair accessory is the headscarf, the simplest solution for quick and easy hairstyles and it is achievable in just a few steps. This tutorial will show you how achieve the festival bohemian gypsy style!

Step 1: Before you start, it is important to note that you have to work with second or third day hair and before anything else, spray your hair with dry shampoo to give it some texture. Start by giving your whole head a good coat of dry shampoo as you work it in with your fingers to give your hair better texture and grip.

Step 2: Start teasing your hair to add a bit of volume in the crown. Place your comb in the roots and apply firm brush strokes downward to the scalp. Use hairspray to secure the volume. Repeat the procedure with the next small sections of hair. You can add some additional hairspray all over your hair to keep the volume in place longer.

Step 3: Then, separate the crown section from the bottom part of your hair and secure with a rubber band.

Step 4: Then, tie your scarf around your head, with the knot in the back.

Step 5: Let your top section down.

Step 6: Divide the top section in half.

Step 7: Make a tie as in a half knot.

Step 8: Secure the knot in place with several bobby pins.

Step 9: Begin creating your faux dreadlocks by sectioning off 1-2 inch clumps of hair and twisting them from top to bottom.

Step 10: Squirt out some of your serum on the palm of your hand.

Step 11: Rub the serum all over the twist.

Step 12: Tease your twist by combing upward from bottom to top every 1-2 inches down the length of it. Add in as many dreads as you wish using the same method.

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