The First Christmas with His Parents

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Your boyfriend wants to have the Christmas dinner with his parents, together. I know it’s frightening not only because of the parents meeting, but also with the meaning of this suggestion from him. IT means that he is ready to spend family holidays together, which is a big step for your relationship if you hadn’t done it before. But don’t worry, if you are good with the parents you will have no trouble at all, no matter if it is a Christmas dinner or just a family gathering. But if you have some bad memories with parents meeting with some previous boyfriends, you should consider some behavior rules, which will help you to survive through the dinner without any accidents and awkward moments.

The first advice, and the best one, is to be you. If he loves you that way, with all your flaws, his parents are obligated to like you too, or at least not to mess in with your relationship. But despite that, there are some guidelines to lead you through the liking process. I’m not telling you to act differently, I’ll tell you just several things, which you should underline with your behavior.

Let’s start with the possible topics of conversations. A safe path to take is to ask about the childhood of your boyfriend. They will start to tell you embarrassing stories about him, some hilarious pot moments, he will have the bad look and his parents will try to make you laugh even more. And during the conversation you can ask about family vacations. You might discover a place where you have been with your parents too and that will make them like you even more, because if your parents have been made a vacation choice for the certain town, just like they did, that’s a good decision. And they will find something in common with you. All of that could happen even before the dinner is served.

Another great trick is to suggest your help to his mother. Always do that. You can arrange the table or make the salad, no matter what, just keep moving with her. During the help you can talk about some of your meals that you’ve cooked to her son and how he told you that mom’s mac and cheese is the most delicious dish in the world and nothing else can beat it and how you felt about that. She will start to calm you and tell you her little secret for the me

And a little bit more about your look. Don’t wear too much makeup, show them how beautiful you are naturally. Also the clothes must be a little bit conservative. Don’t show off with your boobs or bottom with tight sexy jeans and wide neck shirt. Unless you want his mother to envy and hate you and his father to stare lustfully at your body all the time. Be elegant and chic, maybe it’s dull, but they will like it.

I hope these tips will help you make it through the dinner and not only that, but also, to have good time with your boyfriend and his family. A great plus for you is the gift. Buy something for them as a couple, a bottle of nice wine or scotch, maybe basket full of cheeses and fruits. Keep the smile on their faces and everything will be fine, even your boyfriend will love you more for the effort you put in that meeting. Have fun!

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