The Ideal Makeup Contour Look For Weddings

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Every girl wants to look her best. And two of the number of events that we get to doll up and look our most gorgeous self is throughout proms and weddings. When it comes to formal events, the initial thing that pops to our minds is that we need to have an elegant yet very interesting makeup look.Have you ever wondered how to do makeup so that it is flawless? To tell you the truth, there is nothing complex about that. All you need is the right products at hand and a few makeup tricks in mind. This is why we are going to show you every step on getting the ideal makeup contour look for weddings!

Contouring is a makeup technique that uses shadows and highlights to create subtle definition on your face.The makeup world has known this method for a long time, but it wasn’t popular until celebs like Kim Kardashian began to share their beauty tips via social media. Today, you will learn how to highlight and contour to achieve the flawless look all your favourite celebrities have!

Step 1: Prep your skin with moisturizer.Apply foundation to even out your complexion.

Step 2: Apply the darker foundation below your cheekbones in a sweeping downwards motion on both sides of your face and blend.Use the pointed tip of the sponge to blend the product in the same linear pattern that you applied it.Swipe the deep colour into the hollows of your cheeks and just along the hairline to chisel your features. Then, swipe a line down each side of your nose to create a slenderizing effect.

Step 3: Grab your highlighter and apply to give you that much-needed glow and shimmer to both sides of your face.

Step 4: Blend everything to perfection using a cosmetic sponge or makeup brush with soft bristles.

Then, continue with the rest of your makeup, including matte lipstick, false eyelashes, brow pencil and smoky eye effect.

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