The Knotted Bun Tutorial

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The knotted bun is great hairstyle when you are in a hurry. This type of bun is actually really easy to accomplish, follow the steps and …DONE! The knot creates a really interesting finish so you can’t quite tell how it was done. This makes your ordinary bun a little more fun. You just got hotter hairstyle look!

Step 1: Sleek all of your hair into a high ponytail and tie it off with a rubber band.

Step 2: Tease the ponytail to add volume. Use a comb for this purpose. The more you tease the ponytail, the more volume your lovely bun will have. Repeat until you have lightly backcombed each section of hair. After backcombing your hair, take the comb and lightly brush the very top layer of hair in the ponytail, brushing from the base of the ponytail down to the tips of the hair. Smoothing this very top layer of the ponytail will keep the top knot looking smooth, even if the hair in the center of the top knot is full and textured.

Step 3: Separate your hair into two equal sections.

Step 4: Tie your hair in a knot. Cross one section over and around the other to create a knot – just like tying a shoelace. Pull it tight against your head.

Step 5: Tie your hair in a second knot. On top of the first knot, create another knot in exactly the same way.

Step 6: Secure the knotted bun with large bobby pins. Gently pull and tug the hair from the crown and throughout the bun to create texture and fullness. Use your fingers to pull the bun out if you wish to give it more volume. Hairspray is optional, but it will help hold any loose pieces in place and help your style to stay.

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