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Everyone is kind of obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lips at the moment! The young star was all over the Instagram with her amazing lip lipsticks – which are famous for creating the sell-out power pout look! She wears a lot of nudes with pinky/purpley undertones and over lines her lips with a darker shade to make them look super plump.

Before you begin, it’s very important to prepare and moisturise your lips. In order to remove any dead skin cells and have a smooth surface to work on, apply your favourite scrub onto a clean toothbrush and use a circular motion to gently exfoliate your lips. Next, grab your non-oily lip balm and apply it from the centre of the lip first towards the corners.

Step 1: Begin by blending the concealer around the outline of your lips. Don’t take it in too far; you just want to hide your mouth’s natural perimeter a little.

Step 2: With your sharpened lip liner, begin tracing slightly outside the natural outline of your lips.

Step 3: Using small, feathery strokes from the outside in, fill in both lips with the liner.

Step 4: Apply your lipstick on top and remember that Kylie seems to prefer matte lipsticks to achieve this gorgeous final result.

The choice is yours on how subtle or dramatic you want your lips to appear. Also, this type of technique can be used for any lipstick colour as long as it is matte. This way you will ensure that you follow the famous Kylie lip trick! You can create this look with light lipsticks or darker ones. Just follow the steps above and see what suits you best. But remember that lip contouring may not be the perfect solution for everyday—just special occasions where you’ve got time (and plenty of it) to spare.

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