The Most Hospitable Cities For Foreigners

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 If you want to live in another country (or you have to live there because of your work), you always end up with the question ‘What it is like to live in there?’ and then the questions start to come up without permission: What is the standard of living there, is it too expensive, what’s the weather, what’s the behavior of the local people and their hospitality and so on.

So, I am welcoming the people who wish to explore the world by changing their places of living with this article. A research of InterNations shows us the best cities for foreigners. The research was held among 14 thousand people, which are living and working in foreign countries around the world. Check them out:

If you concern a lot about the prices and the standard of living, then you might like the Guayaquil city in Ecuador in South America. In the last few years the business in Guayaquil has been growing fast and strong, but that doesn’t mean that the products are expensive, they are even cheaper compared to the salaries. And that’s not all, the business is good, the life is cheap and the people are great and hospitable. These benefits make Guayaquil, one of the most attractive cities for foreigners to live in. And if you bought your ticket already, you have to know exactly where to go in that city – Cerro Santa Ana, a neighborhood, which is placed right on the top of a hill and when you go home after work you will have to climb exactly 444 staples, which will be a great natural workout. The atmosphere there is bohemian, you will find art shops around every corner and the view of Guayas river is breathtaking.

Another city where the foreigners don’t feel like foreigners is Mexico city. In the last few years Mexico is famous for its brutal mafia wars, which causes many victims and takes many innocent lives. But this ugly picture is placed in the North states of the country, while in the capital – Mexico city, the crime has decreased since 2011 till present days.  The local people are very kind and responsive and they don’t find it hard to bond with foreigners and make them feel like local people. Another great benefit is that the rents and the food are extremely cheap, and also, Hispanics know how to have fun.

If your true desires are oriented about a career making, you should turn your look a little bit further – Europe. 

If you search for a well paid job you should live in Luxembourg. You should also keep in mind that the standard of living here is high and at the beginning you will be forced to limit some of your expenses. The standard of living might be expensive, but everything is well organized and your life will be easy and you will forget what it is like to have concerns and problems of any kind.

But before you choose your destination, you have to make a self research – just visit some website for comparing living standards in different cities and then learn more about the local people and their culture. These factors must be your guidelines for your decision. Enjoy!

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