The perfect dark smokey eyes!

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There is no wonder that dark smokey eyes are the favorite makeup look for many girls because it’s so simple but sexy. You don’t need a ton of eyeshadows, just some good blending skills. You can pair this smokey eye with pretty much any lip colour. It is best worn with a nude glossy lip. Try it!

So, to achieve the perfect dark smokey eyes, start by applying a light shadow base all over your eyelids. Then, apply a warm light shadow at the crease of your eye lid and at the lower part. Now, use a dark brown eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids from the lashes to the crease, making sure you don’t leave any light spots, blend it all nicely. This look is all about blending the eye shadows so it all fades into each other nicely. So, definitely take your time when blending the colours you have added on your eyelids and make sure you are using a really good blending brush otherwise you might not be able to achieved the desired outcome. To make your eyes really pop and to give the dark smokey eyes a little extra edge, apply a black gel eye liner. Feel free to extend the end of it to achieve a cat-like look. After that, apply a thin black layer of eyeshadow along your lower eyelash for a super dark look. Blend everything with a clean brush until you are happy with the result. If you feel your eyes could use a bit more black, then repeat the process again adding black instead of brown eyeshadow, always blending everything nicely.

To finish this look and create the dark smokey eyes you have always wanted, apply two or three layers of good mascata – this will add the extra black colour that you might be feeling you are missing!


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