The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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You know that the shape of the eyebrows must be customized according to the face shape. Today I will show you how to get the perfect shape for your face. You will have to only follow these steps, in which you will find the right equation. Take a look:

  • The rule is simple: place long and thin pencil alongside the nose. The first check-point is the beginning of the brow. Tilt the pencil through the center of the eye and that’s where you should mark the arch of the brow. Tilt the pencil one more time and you will see where it should end.

  • You know where to put the basic marks of the brow, but that’s not all, now you have to draw the shape and then you’ll have to fill the shape in.

  • First, choose the thickness of the brow and if there are any hairs out of that shape, you should pluck them out.

  • Then, comb and trim the brows if the hairs are too long, otherwise they could mess around and ruin the flawless shape of the eyebrow.

  • Line the desired shape with a thin brow pencil. The color of the pencil must be same as the color of the brows or the color of the hair.

  • Fill in the shape with the same color, but this time use a flat angled brush – this tool will create more natural-looking texture of the eyebrow.

  • At the end wrap the brow with a concealer and blend it in. This will create a contrast and the concealer will hide any smudges.

You should consider one very important thing before the outlining step – the arch of the brow. The arch can be high or low, which must be considered according to the type of the face. If your face is long or square, you should choose the low (flat) arch to keep the balance. And if your face is round or oval, you are allowed to create a high arch.


the perfect eyebrow shape

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