The Proper Way to Apply Makeup

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The makeup application is something that you do every day. Even if you are not a huge fan of the makeup, nor a makeup artist, you apply at least one or two coats of mascara to brighten your look. If you are a beginner in the makeup application, then you came to the right place, because I am just about to show you several hacks that will help you get the best look, because they will reveal you how to apply properly some of the most famous makeup products and designs. Take a look at the tips down below and see if there are some of them which are unknown to you. Here we go:

  • You must apply your foundation with a brush, not a sponge. The sponge is for blending. The foundation will cover the face nicely, and it won’t lift up the facial fuzz, which will leave the skin smooth and well covered.

  • You should apply concealer around your lips in order to create a pop-out effect of any color you have applied.

  • When you apply the faux lashes, you should wait before sticking them directly on the lash line. Apply the glue on the lashes and wait 45 seconds before sticking them on the lid.

  • Contour the nose with separate lines. The sides should not be connected.

  • You can use your mascara as eyeliner if you have a drawing brush.

  • Don’t forget to fill in your eyebrows. And when you fill them, use the contouring trick – apply darker and lighter color in order to create the most natural look of the eyebrows.

  • Always apply the concealer on top of the foundation, not the other way around. If you apply the concealer first, you will cover the whole face, because you will see the flaws all the time. But if you cover the face with the foundation first, then you will use just a little bit of concealer.

the proper way to apply makeup

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