The Subtlety of Contouring: How to Define and Downsize

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It is no secret to anyone anymore what contouring means and how it should be used. Knowing the right techniques, a person can do miracles with contouring. However, it may look easy to do, but it is not exactly so. In order to have really good results, one needs to know all the details with contouring. That is why we have decided to share these small but very important subtleties of contouring: how to make one part of your face look smaller, or to define another. Here is also what you need to know about contouring!

How to make your nose look smaller with contouring
There are a lot of people who have issues with some parts of their faces. Some, for example, think that their nose is too big and even if this is not something to worry about, they want to have a different type of nose. Since plastic surgery is not that cheap, people do another thing instead – they use contouring to make their noses smaller. But in order to have the best results possible and not only to give it a different shape, apply on both sides of your nose (where your nostrils are) darker foundation or bronzer. But do not end it here, you need also to apply lighter foundation (lighter than your skin tone) right on the top of the nose. Do not forget to blend both colors, so there are no harsh lines, and this way to make it look natural.

How to make your forehead look smaller with contouring
Big forehead may not be considered attractive, but it is a sign of big brains, thus people with big foreheads are considered to be more intelligent. So, if you have big forehead, you should not consider it a disadvantage, on the contrary. Be proud of it. But if you still want to hide it, there are a couple of ways you can do it. The most common one is to have bangs, which will hide it. But what will you do if you do not like bangs either. Well, just try this contouring technique that will make your forehead look smaller. As it is with contouring one’s nose to look smaller, you will again need lighter and darker makeup products. In this case, these two are bronzer and highlighter. Apply the darker one, the bronzer, on this part of your forehead you want to hide: across the hairline of your forehead where it is the widest part of it. And just below it apply the highlighter. You will create a nice shadow that will hide the size of the forehead. You should not forget to blend very well, too, so that there are no lines showing it is all just makeup. It should more or less look natural.

How to make your cheekbones sharper with contouring
It is no secret that sharp and defined cheekbones are considered very beautiful. Women not only apply special makeup to have it, but some of them go through plastic surgeries. Well, if you are not that much into cheekbones to be ready to change your whole face, then you will be glad to know there is an easier way to have nice sharp cheekbones. Just try this contouring trick: apply the bronzer you have been using for your nose and forehead in the first two contouring tips under your cheekbones. If you are not exactly sure where they are, first feel them with your hands. Apply the bronzer right under the bones making a line that is almost square to your eyebrows. Then right above it apply a line of the highlighter. Finish by blending the two lines using a blending brush and you will have your dream cheekbones.

How to make your chin look slimmer with contouring
Good news, everybody! There is actually a way to make your chin look slimmer! Have you been worried that you have chubby chin, while every advice you have been searching for making it smaller did not help? If you want to make it really smaller than it actually is, you have to lose a reasonable amount of weight, which is not only an easy thing to do, but you cannot be sure when your chin will get smaller. So, now you can just cover it up with some makeup, or in other words, try contouring to make your chin look smaller. This time you will need only the bronzer. Apply it across your chin line, but not on the chin. With the darker color you will accentuate on the parts of your face near the chin. And this way you will make it look smaller compared to the darker chin line. Last, but not least, do not forget to blend, after all you will not want the people around you to ask you: “what is that thing on your face? Clean it up!”

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