The Ultimate Guidelines for a Basic Closet

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Fashion is one of the most accessible ways to express yourself: you do not need to be able to sing, dance, act or draw, you just need to have a closet full of clothes! The good news is that you do not need million of pieces in your wardrobe to create great looks. Especially if you are a fan of classic looks, the basic staple items will be perfect start when you are building your style and trying to avoid any “fashion crimes”. Make sure that each of these clothes fits you perfectly, hides your flaws and emphasizes the beauty of your figure and all of them are picked according to your true personal taste and you will begin your life as a true fashionista!

  • On the top of our list we have, of course, the little black dress. It is the ultimate piece of clothing for any occassion. Black never goes out of style, after all! We would advice you to have two versions of the LBD: a sexy one for nights out and a more casual one for your daily tasks, whether it is work, lectures or just meeting friends for coffee. The great thing about the little black dress is that it can be very diverse: you can wear different accessories and shoes with it, so it does not look the same every time you have it on!
  • Next, you should definitely have at least one simple white shirt or blouse. Whether it is very clean, off-the-shoulder or with lace, you should think about where you will need it for when choosing one. If you work in an office, go for a little more conservative button-down shirt which can take you from work straight to casual drinks afterwards. If you do not have such limitations, the white shirt or blouse can be a little more interesting, but the best thing it can be worn with jeans, skirts, harem pants, etc. and can be appropriate for both day and night! It will save you whenever you are not really sure what to wear.
  • Dark jeans are also something that every girl should have in her basics. Dark denim usually slims down the figure. Whether you go for a skinny version or the “boyfriend” type is your own personal choice, but the pair of perfect jeans are the ultimate casual piece!
  • When it comes to jewelry, it is hard to point out something specific that does not go out of style and suits everyone. However, pearl jewelry is the ultimate classic choice! Whether you will go for earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, pearls are great for winter and summer, for official dinners and ones with friends. If you cannot afford real pearls, try to find fake ones which do not look cheap, since the purpose of pearls are to give you a classy, sophisticated look!
  • Bags are a girl’s best friend since they hide your life during the day and help you bring along all kinds of weird things! A big black tote is the perfect item to have since it is comfortable and goes with everything. We recommend that you invest in a good-quality purse, so that you can use it for years and years!

Once you have these staple pieces in your closet, you can choose your direction and play around with them. We hope we have made your life easier with this little list!


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