The Worst Enemy of The Skin Is … 

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… Time.

 No matter what to do, the time will affect your body and mind at some point of your life, unless the scientists develop an immortality serum, but I doubt that will happen any time soon, so we will have to fight with the time as long as we can and as hard as we can in order to save the young look at least for another day, month or even a year. Down below you will find some tips, which will prevent early aging of the skin and those fine lines which reveal our true age. Take a look:

  • Having a few pounds more than it is necessary is not only a vanity issue, it is also a health problem in the most cases of overweight people. So, in order to look good and stay healthy, you have to regulate your weight – eat well and do some exercises. We are not talking only about weight loosing, but also about gaining some weight.

  • Forget about smoking. First of all, the habit and the manners of smocking will create wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. But that’s the least that could happen to your skin when you are smoking. The nicotine can accelerate the skin’s aging process –  2 points for the cigarettes and 0 points for the skin. But if you manage to quit smoking  you will notice the difference very soon – the circulation will be improved, reducing the chance of developing varicose veins and the time in the gym will be easier and enjoyable for you and your lungs.

  • Follow a nutritious eating plan. Switch all your snacks with fruits and vegetables and drink water. Eat low-fat and high-fiber foods and also, choose the right fats – fish, avocado, olive oil, etc.

  • Your lifestyle must include physical activity. Choose an activity that will suit your daily routine and make it part of your life. No matter if it is dancing, jogging, yoga, gym, whatever you like, the point is to keep moving. Sport is health, health is life, life is beautiful!

  • The sun rays are not your friends. Always wear sunscreen cream, even when it is cloudy out there, because the sun rays go through the clouds partly too. Opt for shadow when you have to go outside to do some tasks and try to avoid staying under the sun between 11 and 16 o’clock in the Summer. And sunscreen is a product that you have to apply every time before you leave the house or the office (well, unless you are going out when the sun came down).

  • Get your daily dose of sleeping time. If you don’t sleep enough you will face the problem of dark circles under your eyes and puffiness and also, healthy sleep is important for skin cell rejuvenation.

  •  After you  reach an age that nobody knows,  you might start to think about facial cosmetic enhancements, but be careful and try to choose the least harming one, we are opting here for natural and beautiful, not a plastic doll.

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