There Is a Reason For Your Endless Hunger

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In fact, there are several reasons, let me show them to you:

Your metabolism is as fast as the Flash

The faster metabolism is good for your body. You should consider yourself a lucky girl, because there are some women who are forced to drink pills, teas, and other medicines in order to be able to go to the bathroom at least one time a day. If your body processes the food fast, then it will need more food in order to feel satisfied. So, if your metabolism is at least 8% higher than the average numbers, your body will burn 100 to 400 extra calories per day, but don’t be too happy, you are not allowed to eat like a Viking only because you have that ~200 extra calories. One thing is sure, the faster metabolism is the reason why you don’t feel fed enough after you ate the XL pizza at lunch.

The refined foods are your enemy

All the delicious snacks like crackers, cookies, white bread and even inappropriate salad dressings, are refined foods. They work very negatively with your body, because they boost up your energy by filling the blood with sugar, but this moment lasts only a few minutes, after which you will feel even hungrier than you was before eating this package of chocolate chip cookies. So, try to skip the foods that come in packages. Opt for whole-grain foods, like oats and nuts, which can be a perfectly healthy midday snack.

You have a chaotic situation with your hormones

I’m not talking about your period. When you are hungry only because you are in the special week, no one can help you, just let it go, eat whatever you want, otherwise you will turn into a monster. But the disordered hormones are something else and it is a huge problem. One of the most common hormonal causes of constant hunger is the hyperthyroidism – an overactive thyroid gland. This one works like the metabolism. When the levels of the thyroid hormones are too high in the body, its speed of function increases. The worst thing is that this speeding of the body function burns energy, not calories, like the fast metabolism does. The diabetes and the hypoglycemia, the low blood-sugar levels, can also bring hunger. You should have an appointment with your doctor if you are doubting that some of these are happening to your body.

You think that your excessive appetite is hunger

It is just an excuse when you think that you are hungry when all you want to do is to have food in your mouth. The hunger is a physical need of food ingredients, which will keep you survive the day without trouble, as a needed fuel, while the appetite is just gluttony. Don’t confuse the hunger with your food love.

You are bored

This is the worst reason for eating. When you eat, but you don’t need to eat, you put on a lot of weight, because the body store the food that is doesn’t need right now as fat buildups in order to use it later if it happens to skip a meal. But there is another wrong thing, to skip main meals only because you are too busy to have a lunch. Your health must be the №1 in your priority list, which means, regular meals. At least three times per day.

A habit

The TV snack is awful. I do it too. But it is extremely bad for your body. When eating without concentrating on the food, you will able to eat three times more than you will eat while you have a dinner with your family. When you are distracted, your brain forgets to check out what is going on with the stomach and is it fully yet. And once the TV dinner turns into a habit, there is no going back. Believe me, I know how harmful it is, but I can’t stop doing it, especially when I am home alone. It’s a disaster!

You are confusing the hunger with thirst

Often the dehydration tricks your brain that you are hungry when you are actually thirsty. So, if you ate an hour ago, and you feel hunger already, just drink a glass of water, wait a few minutes and check the hunger feeling again. If you were thirsty, you won’t be hungry anymore by lunch time.

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